February 19, 2013

Greetings from Mission Episode 2

We've been in Mission almost six months now.
To me that is crazy, six very speedy months.
We like our tiny house, 
Shane can do dishes in the kitchen and I can curl my hair in the bathroom while we have a regular decibel conversation about LOST.
The floor is swept and vacuumed in three minutes.
And the bedroom goes from clean to dirty as soon as Shane sets down his backpack.
But it suits us well.

In six months I've ran all over our small town, and through all the back roads, literally hundreds of miles
We've driven on the backside of the Fraser half a dozen times (that sure is a pretty drive).
And I've learned where to buy ink (not in Mission).
I know to avoid the dog-killing coyotes,
and were the best sushi in town is (Junction sushi!).
I know that Abbotsford and Mission are far closer than they seem,
and I make that drive multiple times a day.
I know the craft beer section at Mission Springs is the best in town, and that it's still worth driving to Chilliwack for plants.

I've learned the best place to buy produce, and where to watch the prettiest sunrise.
I know where my favourite waterfall is,  and that leisure center yoga is where the old ladies hang out.
I love our location in Mission, and almost every day I'm more thankful for it.  
The Park! The proximity to everything! It's not too steep hill!
I miss my house in Chilliwack so very very much, but this is okay for now too.
(16 or so more months)

P.s - night shifts are going to kill me.
I started yelling at Shane to get up at 4am today, because I thought we had to leave!
(I'm nuts)

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