February 15, 2013


Yesterday was Valentine's day, and we played it pretty low key. Shane got up early and made me the most adorable breakfast ever. Do you love it? I sure do!  We spent the day in Chilliwack, I gave him a book he had asked for, and these brownies.  We had dinner with Chris, Shane's brother who was visiting from Edmonton.  We bought chocolate on the way home and when we got to our front step we saw a package of cookies and a potted flower. (from our secret admirer maybe?)  Of course we just came home to watch four episodes of Lost. And done.

Today was a beautiful day, warm and sunny.  I took a leisurely walk with the dog and watched the sun rise. I bought a potted hyacinth to befriend the plant that showed up on the door step.  Then I went to the mall and found the gift I want to buy Shane for his birthday, but since it was well over $2000 I decided it was better suited for a 30th birthday gift.  I better start saving! Now for dinner I'll attempt a leek and potato soup and some fresh crusty bread, and for dessert a parsnip cake with a ginger cream cheese frosting. And go!

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