February 23, 2013

February 23

Wow, this night shift thing is kicking my butt.
come on money money!
the hardest part of working night shifts is feeling too tired to run,
and when running, just feeling like fainting.
on the plus side, I have every evening to hang out with my family!
that part is awesome!

on another (very terrible) note,
my husband has shingles.
yes, he's almost 29 and has shingles.
crazy. and crazy painful.
why now shingles?! 
just before mid-terms and our trip to puerto rico!
(he got shingles because of stress btw, that is why is happened now)
my poor husband.

Natasha came down for her spring break!
we're so happy to have her here!
we had a grilled cheese party last night at my house,
it was delicious
(and we capped it off with peanut butter glazed baked banana doughnuts)
(and some roasted veggies for balance)

but my absolute favourite moment of the week was making sausage with my dad and opa.
i loved learning how to make a family recipe, it made me so happy.
i'm glad i got to learn and be a part of our family history.
(plus they taste great!)

oh, and thanks for the killer (almost literally) dinner sisters!

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