February 13, 2013

February Catch-up

Oh. my. 
How can it be the 13th already?
(I'm both shocked and very pleased)
What can happen in 8 days?
A lot apparently.

Erin had a birthday
So I went out to dinner with her in Chilliwack on Saturday night.
And proceeded to get way to drunk off one beer.
We had cake, it was awesome.
I found an amazing little shop in Abbotsford called Spruce.
I'll be spending every second Friday there from now on, spending my paycheck.
I bought a blanket (it's from Shane's parents) there, and I've spent every night (and morning)
wrapped inside it since.

I bought, received and read this book from cover to cover.
Then I wrote a bunch of lists.
Of course.
We bought travel insurance and an 8gb memory card for my camera.
(24 days until we leave for Puerto Rico!)
Shane's brother is here for a few days from Edmonton,
so we had the family over for coffee, and had Chinese food for lunch.
One more day of work and we can hang out again!

The biggest piece of news is that I start a new position at work,
can't believe I said yes.
but it's full time, 6 days on - 2 days off.
which sounds like torture to me.
(just think about the money, just think about the money.
that is what I keep telling myself).
I start on Sunday, wish me luck.

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