February 5, 2013

Chocolate Bundt Cake

I think I have chocolate fever.  Chocolate fever, can that be a thing? Or is that just February?  My mind has been a confusing place, I tell you.  I'm due to be bikini wearing in 32 days, but my delirious fever-y brain is demanding chocolate.  And my will power is questionable at the best of times!  I'm a giver-iner.  Poor Shane, I'm the finest example of a can't-win situation that ever was.  With my mind demanding chocolate I decided to make the chocolate-iest thing I could and it came up to this, which was, as it happens, very good.  It's a nice light chocolate cake.  My favourite part is definitely the glaze, I could eat spoon after spoon of it. (I'm not admitting to anything, but I must say, being the baker has it's perks).  Thankfully for everyone in my house I made only half this recipe, (which still made a huge cake!) and we're three days later with still a half a cake (body over mind! Only one slice a day!).  Go us?

I'm not re-writing the recipe, I made an exact half batch and baked it for about 40 minutes.  Go forth and bake!

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