February 1, 2013

Dear February,

End of February 2012
Hi there February, I'm pleased to see you today.  I'm just wondering though, why I can't spell your name right, like ever.  I mean it's been 22 years and I still can't spell it, which probably means I'm saying it wrong.  I'm always glad to see your face after January's long 31 days of darkness, I really appreciate how short you are, I mean really.  That might sound like an insult, but I only sorta mean it that way because you see, who I really want to see is June, every other one of you is just in my way.  January though was something else, he's a penny pinching, calorie stealing, good for nothing joy suck.  Sure February, by contrast you're pleasant, you've got chocolate and flowers and birthdays, that's a huge plus in my books. But you are dark and cold and there are way more than 50 shades of grey out there.  Try a million.

We'll make the best of it, you and I.  I'm baking cookies as we speak, cookies help all situations.  That's a fact.  We'll play outdoors, even in your rain and I'll try on bathing suits! Just because we can.  January and I ran 192 km, do you think we can top that? (In three less days no doubt!)  There will be plenty of chocolate, and love poems and yummy dinners, but above all else I ask for only one thing, sun.  Can there please be sun?  I promise I'll love you hard if you give me sun.  Happy (soon to be) weekend!

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