February 5, 2013

February weekend 1.0

We started February on a good note this time around.  
The first beautiful sunny day of the month was Saturday.
We strapped on our snowboards and headed up the lifts with Kevin and Kim.
It was a very warm and beautiful day.
I'd call it a success even though we left after the power went out and the main chair was down.
Now we can go back with our free afternoon passes!
We had beers with beautiful views and a very overzealous server at Rowena's,
It was all lovely.

On Sunday I ran, as I do every weekend 
and Shane studied, as he does every weekend.
19.3 km.
I bought a suitcase from Winners, got it home and measured it.
It's waaaay to big for carry-on size. 
Shane and I had awesome sushi at the Junction.
I made this southwestern style pizza for dinner
and of course there was the requisite LOST marathon.
What is a weekend without?

Yesterday I brought back that suitcase and bought a different one.
This suitcase is exactly the maximum size requirement for our flights with United.
Crossing my fingers it works.
I also bought this hopefully very helpful book on Puerto Rico
(we're not bringing out computer, GASP!)
Can I survive?
Lastly, should I have bought these pants?

1 comment:

  1. You definitely should have bought those pants! But only if you weren't going to wear it with that shirt... I'm not fashion expert but I would go with a different colour on top.
    P.S. Your hair! It is getting so long!