November 16, 2010

Chocolate Peppermint Bars

These treats are addictive.  There is your warning.  They’re crispy and topped with a lot of chocolate.  I made them before I started decorating the house for Christmas and haven’t been able to stop myself from eating more.  The bars use Candy Cane Kisses which I bought specifically for this purpose.  I am not normally a fan of Kisses. Not to sound like a snob, but the chocolate sucks.  These seasonal ones have actual candy cane pieces that are awesome little bits of texture and minty flavour.  So first you get a crispy, chewy bar topped with chocolate, then, Candy Cane Kisses, and finally white chocolate.  Maybe you can understand why I can’t put them down?

Chocolate Peppermint Bars 
I halved the recipe as per my usual
Adapted from here

240 g (2 c) flour
1/4 t salt
250 g (1 c) butter, at room temperature
200g (1 c) sugar
1 t vanilla
1 egg yolk
8 oz semi-sweet chocolate, chopped
1 1/2 c chopped Hershey’s candy cane kisses
2 oz white chocolate
Preheat oven to 350 F.  Spray a 13x9 pan with nonstick spray.  Then line with parchment paper, leaving an overhang on the short sides of the pan.  Lightly spray the parchment too.
Whisk the flour and salt together in a small bowl.  In a mixer, mix butter until creamy (about two minutes).  Add your sugar until light and fluffy, around three minutes.  Scrape down the bowl and then add vanilla and egg yolk.  Gradually add the flour mixture, beating on low just to blend.  
Drop the dough into the pan. Using moistened fingertips press in an even layer.  Pierce dough all over with a fork and bake for 20-25 minutes.  The cookie base will be light golden brown and slightly puffed with the edges starting to come away from the pan.  Take out of the oven and immediately sprinkle the chocolate over.  Let stand for 5 minutes before spreading the now melted chocolate over the cookie base in an even layer.  Right away sprinkle the kisses over the melted chocolate.  
Stir the white chocolate in a medium bowl set over a pan of simmering water until melted and smooth.  When the chocolate is ready drizzle it all over the kisses and let it set for at least 30 minutes.  

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