November 26, 2010

One week

We've been busy. Hardly time for a breath. Not all of it good.

I started the week buying a craft table I've been wanting for a long time now. It finally came to doing because we have company coming over next week and I wanted that room the be finished. Now it is, it's my craft room and I love it. The table and two chairs came from a MCC I decided to stop into on a whim on my way to Costco (to buy a more expensive table.) This one fit perfectly and the added seating makes enough to host a dinner! To celebrate our table Shane and I painted canvas (to finish off the dining room). We had a blast doing it too!

We saw the new Harry Potter movie in our new movie theatre here in Chilliwack. It was SOO awesome! We loved it. I happen to be a HP finatic so I was super pumped for it.

I had a Christmas card class I attended on Wednesday where I picked up a few neat tricks and techniques I can't wait to use on my Christmas cards, hello night shift! I also finished a set of napkins for this holiday season.

I went to Vancouver to see Natasha and Erin. We went to Granville Island to stock up on goodies and had a great dinner Tash made us.

Today we had a funeral, we shed a lot of tears, all of us. It's time for a good sleep.

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