November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Our thanksgiving was awesome.  Period.  We had great company and good food.  It is something else to meet people for the first time while hosting a dinner in your own home.  We'd never done that before, but it was an awesome expierence.

What we made: (so I know where to find the recipes next year!)

We had Farmhouse brie with Agassiz hazelnuts and dried cranberries, mixed with a little Honeyview Farms honey.

The turkey was roasted off the bone by Shane
He made the turkey gravy by making a stock and reducing it down to only 10 oz.  Thickened with a roux, 1 oz butter, 1 oz flour
We had a potato and yam mash
green beans sauteed with bacon
I made this stuffing recipe with chorizo and a homemade poultry seasoning.
I made a cranberry sauce with fresh cranberries, half a cup of water and sugar and a little orange zest.  YUM!
I made my crusty bread by dividing my recipe in half, one half plain and one half aged cheddar and thyme.
I made my own butter found here.

Finally we ended with an apple cranberry pie (very good if I do say so myself.)  The pie crust was this recipe.  And the filling and crumble topping were from my Gourmet November 2009.  (Very last issue) (sad crying face)

I'm rather sad it is over.  Till next year turkey, goodbye.

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