November 15, 2010

Polish Night

We did it! We booked the flights It took a really long time on hold and an extra $600 but we fly into Paris April 18th and fly out of Brussels July 18th! I can hardly believe it. So to celebrate we decided food was in order. I made a list of the countries we are planning to see (I've been planning these countries 12 months already!) and a food associated with each country. Yesterday we started with perogies from Poland. We want to go to Krakow and side trip at least one day in Auschwitz. It's going to be an insense few days full of perogies, vodka (ew) and saurkraut.

Sorry about the quality of the photos, I hate photographing dinner but I want to remember all these meals.

Shane did an awesome job, they were so good! He made this dough recipe. We filled some of them with potato and cheese, and some with potato, cheese, sausage and thyme. After we boiled them we fried them with bacon, onions and topped them with sour cream.

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