March 1, 2011

Shane's Birthday

Yesterday was Shane's birthday. Twenty-friggin-seven.  He worked all day but when he got home we hosted 15 people and a poker game.  It was great fun.  For this occasion I made him a mocha cake, the only picture I felt comfortable taking in a room full of grown men.

This is an embarrassing picture

It has a cookie layer, a coffee ice cream layer, an espresso sauce, crumbled skor bar, a chocolate ice cream layer and finally the espresso sauce.  Well received though I did think the cookie layer was to big, the sauce was grainy and the chocolate ice cream lack-luster.  Shane and all his boys loved it, success.

I made a large spread of food but took no pictures, they are as follows:

Homemade salsa, from the summer
Buffalo chicken dip
Ultimate nachos
Pizza bites
Stuffed jalapenos
Marshmallow crunch brownie bars - well received and totally devoured
Cappuccino nanaimo bars - standby favourite

All the work I was happy to do, I'm glad my husband had a good birthday.

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