March 10, 2011

March 10

I learned a few things today:

1. Poppy chow is incredible and must be packaged and handed out as gifts as soon as it is made, so you don't eat 10 cups of it yourself.  Not that I did that...yet.

2. Pork tenderloin is really tender when you cook it at 250 F for 45 minutes and then turn the oven up to 325 F and cook it for 40 minutes, or when the internal temperature is no higher than 150 F.

3. Quinoa should and will be again cooked in pineapple juice and finished with a little soy sauce.  Because that right there makes a tasty meal.

4.  You can still make sweet baked goods if you need to substitute buttermilk for milk, it just takes longer.  Go frugality!

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