August 6, 2011

And we went to the Beach

The first thing Shane and I did today was jump in the car down to our butcher where they were having an anniversary celebration.  The first 10 customers would recieve 1lb of sausage!  We sat in our car waiting until the moment the door unlocked and we sprang from our seats and flung open our doors.  We were first in line at the register buying our hormone-free-grass-fed-locally-grown-beef, jeeze!
We took the sausage home and shaped two sausages into patties.  They were maple flavoured and he fried an egg (from Maia's chickens).  He placed these two on a bun (made locally) smeared with the garlic mayo he made from scratch the other day and we ate them so fast I'm not sure we chewed!  Good job sweetheart!
I spent the morning waiting for work to call, but even on a sunny Saturday afternoon the call didn't come, I hate being on call.  I packed a few boxes instead and made zucchini fritters (with the ricotta I made a few day prior) for lunch.  We ate the fritters with some apricot-jalapeno jelly I canned the night before.  Between everything else I baked a blueberry crumble pie, which turned out so well I think it's worthy of a recipe.  
At 230 when it became apparent that I was indeed not going to work I headed to the beach, meeting the family up there.  I read my herb book in the warm sun and dreamed of next year's garden.  We ate leftover zucchini cake and quinoa salad for dinner.  We swam (well I didn't) and bathed in the sun chatting on the dock as the sun went down.  I'm glad I remembered my camera this time.  

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