August 27, 2011

Summer lovin'

"I love summer" I said, sighing before I took another swig of wine.  We were sitting on a picnic blanket in the warm night after I'd gotten home from work.  Music playing live a kilometer down the street but totally distinguishable to our ears.

"I love summer" I said as I spotted the wooden barrels full of plums, the peaches sweetening the air.  Local ingredients are abundant from all over our town.

"I love summer," Shane tells the lady as she adds the corn to our bill "there is no better place to be when the corn comes."  And he's right Chilliwack corn really is the best, no questions asked.

Though summer is fleeting and the late nights are cool I still have stone fruit on the counter and my tomatoes are yet to ripen.  We're not ready fall, please be late.

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