August 26, 2011

Favourite Friday - Walking Barefoot

Walking barefoot, outside or in, without thinking. I open the door and step out, not with sandals, not with shoes in only barefeet.  What a freeing feeling.  I don't know about yours, but my feet like to breathe.  In our previous residence the airconditioning combined with tile floors meant that the slippers were always on.  In fact sweaters, pants and slippers were always on!

I spend my entire summers barefoot.  I love to step out onto the lawn and walk around with the soft grass between my toes and the dirt falling from my feet.  The ground is dry in the summer, which means the jog down the driveway into the garage 50 times a day doesn't involve shoes. Yes!  I grew up outdoors, running wild and barefoot around our property.  We learned were to and not to run (beneath the huge walnut trees only prickle weeds grew, running over one of those really hurt.)  The only time I regretted not wearing shoes was the time, at 5 years old, I stepped on a nail underneath our tree fort.

When you take off your shoes you relax.  Your at home, or at a friends and you are not going anywhere.  I've never understood houses where people don't take off their shoes.  It makes me feel like I'm not there to relax, but that I'll be leaving soon.  It also increases the amount of firt tracked in around the house and that really seems silly.

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