August 17, 2011

Dinner Time

Our first dinner in the new house happened a bit early.  A rush of white trash drama enveloped the evening and in the end we moved our entire house in 3 hours.  At 1030pm we were starving (and thirsty!) from our running.  We made a mad dash to the liquor store and a pit stop at McDonalds.  Even dinner as classy as that tasted wonderful at that particular moment.  Everything made it in the move, there were no casualties; save one tomato branch broken off in the shuffle.  Those four mini tomatoes are currently ripening on my (!!) window sill (!!)  Our first real dinner came the next night.

I had planned for moving the 15th.  I had my help lined up and dinner planned.  Of course we didn't use the help, but we still had them for dinner.  I cooked up two pizzas, one with my homemade bbq sauce, cheddar cheese, jalapenos and red onion, it was a huge hit.  The other was a bland margarita, I guess it's not just mozzarella, tomatoes and basil.  We had salad, fresh corn and big glasses of white wine.  I entertained above ground, sunset light streaming through the windows.  After dinner I did put them all to work organizing the garage with me, it saved a lot of time.  There is a good trick, con them into unpacking your most dreaded rooms by promising them sweets, it works!

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