August 31, 2011

August 31

So today, after I wrote this morning's post about peach and lemon rolls I got to work.  And by work I mean Shane, being the wonderful man he is, came into the kitchen with his rain jacket and boots on.  I took a look and laughed!  I didn't want to pick blackberries in the rain, but he knows me all to well, I'd be kicking myself tomorrow if I didn't.  So I got out of my pajamas and picked berries in the rain.  An hour later I'd had my fill of thorns, unknown crevices and being pinned down by blackberry branches, so with our three bowls half full (don't crush the berries!) we left.

I got home and jumped back into my pajamas.  What? You don't?  I made blackberry lemon preserves and blackberry peach jam.  While that was going on I fired a buttermilk pie into the oven and cooked off a quick blackberry syrup.  Natasha came over as I finished washing every dish in my kitchen and we sat down for tea.  Shane made an AWESOME corn chowder from Cook's Illustrated and I went to the store for sugar.  I came home and cleaned up again as Shane tore off out the door leaving a trail of dirty dishes behind him.  The last thing to go into my oven today was a gluten and dairy free peach and blackberry cobbler.  Go me!
Because the weather cleared up and the sun came out I got outside and started pulling weeds.  I moved the compost into the new bin Shane built me and tied back the raspberries, unruly plants that they are.  I combed pintrest for ideas for the back door area (I'm thinking bench, rustic with room for boots and pots. Ideas?) and brought the landlord the rent check.  When I got home I made a quick fresh tomato pasta with the ready tomatoes from my garden.  How lucky am I??  Now I'll leave, we're going to the river where it hopefully doesn't smell to badly of fish for our last fire of the summer.

Somewhere in the day I also pinched my finger in the door and cut marshmallows.  I may or may not have spent an hour reading blogs and I'd say dishes totaled 45 minutes.  

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