August 28, 2011

Happenin' Now

Time: 8:40am
In my mug: not so fresh coffee
On the stereo: The New Wailin Jennys - Bright Morning Stars
In my belly: amazingly thick yogurt I made last night and my favourite granola with a little ginger added
In the fridge: squash and eggs
Last thing on the laptop: organizing my pintrest links
On my wish list: A bank account full of money and an abundance of canning jars
Looking forward to: a busy few days full of visits and food
On the nightstand: Sing You home - Jodi Picoult
Recently satisfied: With how many delicious food posts I have on my blog.  Don't know where I'm going to find time to try new recipes since last year's were so good
On the go: Our blog into a book, weeding a massively overgrown garden (which is starting to take shape) and trying not to die of happiness every moment with all the sunshine streaming through my windows.

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