August 13, 2011

August 13

Is there anything that can make moving enjoyable?  Maybe a good dinner at the end of moving day?  Sure, But not if you have to make it.  Organizing your entire life into boxes?  Not really, all I realized is I have way to much stuff.  Sitting down in your new house at the end of the day?  Well that could be a bonus but it takes a few days unpacking before you can truly relax.  The moving process is not enjoyable, I don't think it is for anyone.  In three or four weeks from now, when everything is in it's proper place, pictures are hung, shelves are built, when everything feels good, that's when it was all worth it.  I do get a garden in the end of all this!
Currently though I'm ready to breakdown.  Summer is busy anyway and I just don't have enough time.  The middle of August is prime time for canning but it's in an uproar.  We'll get through it alright, no doubt about that.  One more crazy day before moving day.  I'm sure many people are in the same boat as me.  Thanks in advance for everyone's help, I really hope the pizza I make is worth it!

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