September 12, 2011

Chanterelles on the Loose!

On Sunday morning before the sun came up Shane and I went mushroom hunting.  Foraging for chanterelles.
Can't start a pre-dawn expedition without Timmies.
 The sun came over the mountians a long time before it came through the trees.
 The forest floor is carpeted with the decay of hundreds of years.  It bounces under your feet.
The trees form a canopy overhead.
Around 9am the sun shone though.
Eyes on the ground.
The Vedder River. With an abundance of bear poop and fish bones.

Not a chanterelle.
Like little red riding hood...but with a knife.

This is a spider whacking stick, no joke! You need to constantly swat at the air around you or you'll be covered in spiders.  Never poke it in the ground though.  Never.

We didn't find that many, the weather has been very dry.  With those we did find Shane made the best mushroom omelette.

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