September 15, 2011

Decorating for fall

I just became acutely aware of how dirty my step looks.

Alright, I did it.  I decorated for fall.  I spent all of my waking hours yesterday (minus those spent at work) decorating my house with as many orange, red and brown things as possible.  A few things were new and many things were pumpkins and mums.  I have a problem.

I put the patio set away and ripped out the tomatoes.  The herbs were close to death and they hit the compost pile too.  The sandals went into hiding and the rain boots came out of storage.  I've got to work on a coat rack so we have somewhere to hang them. (right now they are in Shane's closet)  I want something like this minus the price tag!  Summer is over and fall has swept in.  On the plus side, I'm now allowed all the apples and spices cakes I want!
Nevermind the nearly dead thyme.
Because it's so early in the season pumpkins were hard to find, I hunted around at a few different stores before I found beautiful white pumpkins that look beautiful on my step.

Excuse me while I go remove my shorts from the dresser.


  1. Personally i think the nearly dead thyme adds volumes to the picture! Lol Well the house looks fantastic! Yay fall. I hear a PSL calling me...

  2. I'll make you one, all you need to do is bring the soymilk. I'm set up lady!