September 4, 2011

How I got stuck in Prince George

In case you can't tell: the front of the car is crumpled.
We ate crumpled raspberry-chocolate muffins and coffee for breakfast after we slept for 10 hours, we were both so tired.  We left straight away to move Natasha into her dorm.  The university was abuzz. It was very busy and loud.  When we finally got an opportunity to move in the move-in team was ready and waiting to help us get the stuff upstairs.  Natasha now lives on the fourth (and top) floor of the Neyoh building here on campus.  Once the car was unloaded the room was a mess with stuff.  Not knowing what to bring Natasha was missing some essentials like: a comforter and a pot, a coffee maker.  So we hit up the Walmart (again) and stalked up groceries at Superstore.  Now Natasha's room is equipped. (not fully, she's missing oodles of pictures hanging on the wall, but that is just my opinion.)

We ate some Tim Horton's for lunch before we realized the brakes on my car were completely shot.  A phone call to Shane only confirmed, last October the brakes had 20% left.  That was 11 months ago.  It was 3:00pm.  I begged and begged at Canadian Tire, the only garage open on a Sunday in Prince George.  They couldn't fit me in.  Unfortunately as Murphy would have it, tomorrow is a holiday Monday, which means all the shops, even Canadian Tire are closed.  I've got an appointment for 9:30 Tuesday morning, a morning I was hoping to be home, sleep-in and bake.  And maybe can some of the 60+ pears I have ripening on my desk at home.  Now I'll be driving instead.
When I was finished my extreme crying session, which lasted quite a long time, (what? you don't over react when your car breaks down 800km from home??) we explored Natasha's beautiful campus.  She got her ID card and books straightened out.  I made pizza dough and cut it up into pieces.  I mixed it with pizza sauce and mozzarella and baked it in the oven for 25 minutes.  When it emerged a hot and bubbling mess we made a salad and poured some wine.  It soothed me to cook.  Natasha participated in some school related activities (orientation and a craft project) while I watched a movie.


  1. Crappy about the brakes! But so great you are there to experience Natashas first days at a new school. I bet secretly she is happy about this. She doesnt have to be alone or cook yet!

  2. Hi Alyssa, its good you are there for Tasha; and you get an extra holiday, if you can just relax enough to enjoy this unique time. Easier said than done! Have a good trip home, you will be considerably lighter coming back in many ways, eh.
    Love G&G Geerts