September 2, 2011

September Starts

We're into September and as I'm sure you are well aware summer has less than a week to live at my house.  As soon as September hit the weather changed to cold and dark.  Where is our harvest sun?  My heart hurts when I think how Stephlynne is gone.  I'm feeling so helpless this far away.  I want to hold her hand and walk her through all these new and scary experiences and help her when she is down or in trouble.  But I guess that was the point of leaving, to grow.  I'm thinking about fall today.  When I get back from Prince George this weekend it's going to be go time on the fall decorating/food front.  I love to start the season off with a list, to help channel my thoughts and stay focused.  Autumn seems to be the time when I make the most list making, because September starts off five months of business with birthdays, holidays and fun fall outings.

Alyssa's Fall To-Do:
Watch three movies with the family.  You've Got Mail for sure!
Work on finishing the two embroidered pillow cases I started last fall.  Oops.
Focus on decorating and warming up our bedroom.  It needs fabric, rugs and lights and warmth.
Make doughnuts.  One baked.  One fried.  This one is easy!
Bake 10 breads.  It's about time I get back into bread baking, understandably summer is bread free.
Cook three recipes from my new Vij's cookbook.  Gotta love indian food.
Host a Europe photo party.  Our extended family has still not seen our photos.  We're waiting for the right cords but also a night both Shane and I have off that everyone can come.  Uphill battle.
Do three crafts/art projects this fall.  I can't wait to start dreaming this up.
Write 10 letters.  This shouldn't be hard since all my favourite people are living away from me.
Read four fiction books.  Not garden books. HA!

Happy days!

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  1. Once your big screen is hooked up to your computer, photo night will be awesome!