September 10, 2011

September 10

The best focaccia you'll get in Canada is in my kitchen right now.  I made my first recipe from my Bread Baker's Apprentice cookbook.  I got it back in April before we left and now I've got a quest to make every recipe in the book.  I think I can do it in about year.  When I worked at Earls on the bake station I made the pan bread everyday which was essentially a focaccia but not quite so tasty as this because they don't rest it over night to develop the flavour.  It makes a huge difference.  It was a two day process but totally worth it.  Oh my life, how I love your abundance of time.

Shane and I had a few drinks at T&G's after work last night and between the six of us demolished the s'mores bars I made.  I'm glad because there sure was a lot of them.  It's so nice to sit on a patio at night in September, we're getting lucky this fall.  Lets hope it hangs around a while.
The blackberries are the scent of the week.  You can't step outside in town here without smelling their very distinct floral perfume, which leads me to their thickets on a regular basis to snag a few.  Lovely as they smell I wasn't singing their praises this morning when they had me all wrapped up with deadly thorns.  I picked my two buckets in a hurry before the twenty five hundred spiders I disturbed came in for the attack.  Stay tuned for blackberry preserve recipes!

After a few errands to the library and my seemingly daily trip to the store I took a bike ride over to T&G to grab the last hard peaches and a bowl full of greens.  On the way back my trip turned sour.  Biking calmly one second, bike's brakes stuck on the next second.  Strangest fact is that my brakes are the back-pedal kind and I was pedaling forward.  I walked the two kilometers home pushing the bike while the wheels clung to the ground for dear life resisting me for all they could.  It was a sweaty walk.

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  1. Did you put the boots to the offending part?? I would have!
    Yay for drinks with friends!