September 6, 2011

Today I:

Spent $55 at the garage where they told me my brakes were perfect.  Make that $80 plus with the built in cost of retail therapy.  Don't question me.

Stewed for 1/3 of the trip about how I should have been home already.

Got over it on the last 2/3s.

Wished everyone slower than me would get out of my way.  Over and over again.

Played leap-truck with the semis.  I stop, they pass, I spend the next hour passing them all again.  Repeat.

Ate a full box of junior mints faster than you can spell 'devoured' and then wondered why I didn't get reese's cups since I like them way more.

Drove 700km in 8 hours while the heat registered 36 degrees in the car.  Wished I had air conditioning so my hair wasn't so messy.

Breathed a sigh when I finally spotted my mountians.
Listened to the new Wailin Jenny's Bright Morning Stars and Death Cab's Codes and Keys on repeat.
Consequently fell in love with the song St. Peter's Cathedral. Take a listen.

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