September 16, 2011

September 16

I organized my pantry today.  Don't you just love things in jars?!'s just me?  Your weird.  I have all these extra jars kicking around, to big for a family of two to use, so I threw out all the opened packages in the pantry and put the contents in pretty glass jars, labeled the top when necessary, like labeling lentils and cooking times for pasta.  I used to have little things on display on these shelves and though I love them dearly, all but my beloved recipe box and favourite picture of Shane ever got to keep their places.

Fun fact #1:  I broke a bowl all over the kitchen today.  Shattered.  Everywhere.

Fun fact #2:  I can't stop eating candy corn.

Fun fact #3: I swore I was done with excessive preserving for a few weeks.  I bough crab apples, plums and peaches.  To be canned tomorrow.

Fun fact #4:  I've been meaning to make green tomato chutney for a few days now.  I've had the spices out for days.  Tomorrow, I'll do it tomorrow.

Fun fact #5:  It's been so long since I had an apple, my first bite the other day reminded me why I wait through spring and summer.  Say no to storage apples!

Fun fact #6:  Don't buy a white couch if your dog sits on it while you are away.  Or buy a share in your favourite bleach company.

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  1. I think washable removable covers are the best idea ever! Thanks Ikea!