September 8, 2011

Summer's End

We're in those last few days of summer.  The ones where the nights are crisp but the days are hot and it feels as though the sun has wrapped you around with a warm blanket.  You can feel it's tickle on your skin.  The heat is inside your breath but you realize you've only got a few more days.  I'm happy to stand in the sun and really feel the warmth.  I've made sure not to complain once this summer about the heat, it'll be gone all to soon and in it's place warmth really will come from a blanket.  Soon t-shirts and sandals will not suffice and a cold wind will blow through your door.  I can smell the beans as I walk by the tomatoes aching to be picked, but the apples are falling from the trees like bombs on the ground.  Each one that falls is one less in my kitchen.  We're at the cross roads folks, within weeks it'll be full blown fall.  And while I anticipate the change in seasons, as I do every time around, I'll gladly be friendly with summer and let him linger a while longer.

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