October 31, 2011

Bellingham 2.0

Stephlynne, Heather and I took a Sunday and drove on down to Bellingham.  It was a rainy, depressing day and staying home all day was just not an option.  We had to drive through Langley to drop of Aislinn.  Thank goodness for the GPS, it took us directly to Aldergrove crossing.  We waited 25 minutes in line and without a hitch we were there.
 We arrived around 12:45 absolutely starved.  I remembered The Bagelry from last time I was down here, so we drove up.  The bagels here are very good.  I had a sourdough with plain cream cheese, but Heather's bagel had jalapeno cream cheese which was heavenly!  After a minor mishap where my bagel cost $2 and Steph's $4, we left satisfied but ripped off. 
Note to self: buy bagels to bring home next time.
 We did some wandering through the streets, browsing jewelry (!Iwant!), stationary and bikes.  Finally we happened upon a very large, somewhat rundown CD/record store.  We listened to all the CDs in those sample players that line the wall, all the good stores have them.  I remember listening to those players every chance I got when I was younger.  I also recalled that I haven't bought a CD in over two years!  I finally settled on The Wailin' Jennys, my favourite group, now I can listen to them in the car!
 Our next order of buisness was ice cream at Mallard Ice Cream.  You really should stop here when you visit Bellingham.  The ice cream is incredible.  Their ice cream is made with as many local and organic ingredients as possible; the espresso in ours was roasted locally (by the same company as was in the chocolate I bought last time we were here!) and the fruits in the ice cream are from farms within Washington.  Now that is sweet.
 We grabbed coffee at Woods and drove over to Fairhaven.  As we walked along that wonderful sea wall sipping coffee, our hair whipping around us, a train rode by causing quite a stir with it's noise and rumble.
 We darted in Village book trying hard not to buy anything.  I'm not sure how I'm ever going to have a library in my house if I don't start buying books!  Once we were satisfied we sped on over to the mall where we had one hour to shop.  Good deals were found but unfortunately both my Visa and Steph's debit card decided to stop working at the same time, so not all our purchases were to be had.
It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.  Thanks you two!

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  1. Looks like you three had a blast down there! I get shotgun next time you go.