October 14, 2011

October 14

Let's recap shall we?  A few nights ago I made a leftover turkey dinner pizza.  Yup.  My pizza dough topped with gravy, turkey, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, stuffing and lots of cheese.  It baked up beautifully and we topped it with cranberry sauce, but one slice eats like a plate of dinner and two slices put me in a food coma.  Eek!

The following day (yesterday) Steph came home from India! finally!  I was so tempted to call in sick and go to the airport to pick her up but instead I made her salted peanut butter cookies.  I saved one for Shane and he was quite unhappy.  Not because he didn't love them (he did!) but because I didn't leave him more.  Now he wants his own batch.  So I suppose that means you'll see a recipe sometime soon.  For now please refer to here.

Before work Hunter and I took Butter for a walk by the river.  It was a beautiful day, much different than the one before it.  We didn't get that far, but it was a wonderful way to spend a chilly morning.  We watched the fisherman cast lines for salmon and saw the water tug on the hooks.  The fish got away and the lines snapped back in a very dangerous fashion.

After work I raced home for a shower and we sped over to mom's house to see Steph.  She made us a cup of Indian chai tea, which was yummerz!  She gave us spices like garam masala and tamarind candies and she bought me a beautiful red scarf.  I wore it once already, it was simply delightful.
This morning Steph made Shane and I a delicious India potato bread thing.  I totally forgot what it was called (Steph?!) but it tasted very good.  I hope she keeps making Indian food, because then we can stop paying so much for it.  I love me a good Indian meal!  Speaking of which I should probably start cooking from my Vij's book since it was on my list of things to do this fall.  Until next time, cheers!

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