October 3, 2011

October 3

Today is a better day than last.  Our Mr. Poopy Pants is back to normal, so this was our morning:
The beans are very happy, though they should technically be dead since all their branches fell off when I bought them.
There is a lot of green in the garden, I'm feeling very rich.
My pear sauce from yesterday.
Swiss chard from the garden. And the dogs:
"Is is my turn yet?"
"Yeah it's me! What do you want!? I can jump! Want me to run around in circles? Huh?!"
 "Uggghhhhhh this feels tooooo goooooood"
"Give me the damn pumpkin!"
"You may call me your highness."
I made pizza with swiss chard from the backyard, curry, onions, sausage I made, fresh mozzarella and my pizza dough recipe.

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