October 12, 2011

October 12th

Lets go for a walk:
Even though it was very rainy out Butter and I decided to go for a walk through the muck.  The salmon are in the river and in the streams during September and October.  Although this is a very nice time of year for a walk along Peach Trail it is also very stinky.  Very stinky.  A lot of fish come here to die every year.  Dead fish lie belly up, caught on rocks and in shallow water.  You can hear the constant call of the seagulls enjoying their meal as they duck and bob through the water.  I swear I heard a bear near the end of the trail.  It would make absolute sense for the bear to be there, lots of berries hang from the bushes and fish are at their finger tips.  It was a grunt I heard as we were walking, which sounded as though it came from right beside me!  Without a second thought I started calling to Butter loudly, (even though he was on the leash beside me) hoping to scare off whatever it was that made the noise.  We ran down the path at a good clip, myself constantly glancing behind me.  I saw nothing.
 This is where I realized my boot has three holes instead of two.
With all the rain the water has gone everywhere.  It carves channels where ever is pleases, through, around and sometimes over patches of grass and bushes.
 I was trying to cross this part of the river to get to the island by walking on the rocks.  I was precariously balanced with my camera in one hand and the dog and his leash in the other when I looked where I was about to put my foot down and realized...it was a dead fish!  I screamed and jumped away, only to land in the deep water before leaping back to land.
Look at all those gulls!
Yes, there is a giant leaf on his head.  So what?

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