October 6, 2011

Oct 6

On my weekend I:
Went for an impromptu shopping trip to Costco in the states and played the game, Where is the Money? (note to self: don't go shopping before payday)
Made chicken n' biscuits.  They needed more seasoning.

Scrubbed the barf rug.  Nearly gagged to death while trying to read close to it.  Hung the barf rug outside overnight.  Put the barf rug in the washing machine...just about broke the machine, but not quite!  
Opened the door to the dryer after the barf rug (no longer barf-y) was dried and had an avalanche of dirt stream onto my perfectly clean floor.  (I had literally just put the broom away.) In days past this would mean I don't beat my rugs enough. 

Hung hooks in the mud room to hold our jackets (finally!)
Labeled a multitude of jams to be delivered to Prince George.  

Went for a long walk, wanted to kill my dog.
Stumbled across a possible jackpot of rosehips!  

Made pumpkin cheesecake bars.  (Hopefully recipe coming soon)
Ate this stuffed squash, which was wonderful and very filling.

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  1. Love the new layout and look. And the was the best game of Where is the money I've ever played! Very entertaining.