October 12, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

What an amazing Thanksgiving we had.  Such a wonderful evening.  Our five guest came over at 5pm and were welcomed into a warm, candle-lit and thoughtfully prepared home.  There was wine and chatter and stunning sunflowers to dream about.  We ate until we were stuffed and lying on the couch with mugs of tea and plates of pie.  P.S. couch in the dining room...brilliant.

The menu read like this:

{Alyssa and Shane’s}
Thanksgiving  2011
 〮〮〮〮〮le men〮〮〮〮〮〮〮

spatchcooked roasted turkey
mashed local potatoes٠sage٠goat cheese
alyssa’s own crusty bread٠cheddar٠thyme
cheery cranberry relish
herb٠sausage stuffing
roasted brussel sprouts
maple glazed carrots
pumpkin pie٠cinnamon ice cream
pecan pie tart

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  1. This was a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you Shane and Alyssa. Great food, great company. Beautiful setting. What more could one ask for?
    Love you more than words can say.
    Mom and Dad denE.