October 18, 2011

October 16

It seems all I ever show you is the walks I go on.  It must be awfully boring!  One again we went for a walk.  This time I coaxed Shane to come along and he did so, abit angrily though!  So I made him pancakes to start the day off.  Coffee pancakes with apple butter and maple syrup.

I baked a pie in some sort of pre-morning light.  Wonder of all wonders, the crust worked.  So I suppose this means you'll never see a single crust pie again?  A co-worker told me a little trick to preventing the bottom crust shrinking, so I'll try it out yet.  This pie was cranberry-apple and everyone who tasted it went nuts.  Like crazy.  They loved the crust (I did too) and the filling was perfectly tart, not to much sugar at all.  Yes!

Then we walked:

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