October 23, 2011

October 23

The best part of my days off is knowing I don't need to be anywhere.  Anywhere at all.  The only thing to make a day off better?  A sunny day.  The best (and maybe only) good thing about Shane working on my days off is that I can indulge in any way I like, like two hour long walks or days spent curled on the couch with a book.  That is exactly what happened today.  I slept in, (10 hours of sleep!!!) made oatmeal for breakfast, (just a little brown sugar for me) went for a very long walk and cooked the rest of the day away.  Cauliflower curry casserole, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, plum and pear upside down cake, mushroom and spinach lasagna.
I should mention that is not all I did.  I also did laundry, swept the floors, did two sinks full of dishes, entertained my dad for coffee, worked on my book and organized the closets.  That is what I did today. 

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