January 11, 2012

First Birthday of 2012

Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother!  What a better way to celebrate than a freezing cold morning run?  We rocked it out, took our showers (okay so I took a shower) and ate cupcakes.  Gluten and dairy free cupcakes to be exact.  There were also silly pictures, scrambled eggs and baskets balanced on heads.  A well rounded morning if you ask me.

1 comment:

  1. I DID take a shower eventually. We owned that run! I'm so proud of you and the gains you have made in your running. Taking a good 12 minutes off a 10 k run in just 2 months is stellar!
    The cupcakes were fantastic! Perfect texture, density and moisture, yum! Melt in my mouth. Thanks for making pain free treats:)
    PS I cant believe you posted that picture of me with the basket on my head! Good god!