January 28, 2012


My fifth salad was not even green!  It was thrown together in haste between finger cramps from writing and jumping up and down for cups of coffee.  It was an on-the-go lunch if you will.  German potato salad, one made with mushed up potatoes and vinegar.  It's a little away from the norm compared to the potato salads I know, but healthier I'm sure you'll agree, with an absence of mayo and anything cream-y.  I posted the recipe about a year ago, right here if you'd like to see.
Do you know how long it's been since I've made a meal Shane hasn't liked?  A long time, he's an understanding guy.  But this salad just didn't cut it for him I'm sorry to say, and I was rather indifferent to it.  It was edamame and avocado salad, but my biggest complaint was that it wasn't well balanced.  I found it overwhelmingly vinegar-y even with the honey in the dressing to balance it.  This salad needs more work before I'd eat it again and to be honest I'd rather eat my avocados in guacamole and my edamame in this salad.  If you are interested in the recipe here is where you can find it.

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