January 5, 2012

Shopping Day

The morning was dark and stormy, headlights on the cars at 9am.  The rain came down in sheets, blowing on the wind, loud enough as we drove down the highway to drown out the sounds of our voices as we continued to shout over the storm. Futile.  The puddles grew, as we reached the border.  We got asked the question again "How can you afford to shop if no one is working today?"  As if they all have the weekends off.  I wonder if they'd ask on a Saturday?  We drove past farms with fields being swallowed by water, making impromptu lakes for the ducks.  Eventually it grew light enough to see without lamps, and the rained tapered, if only a little.  We reached our destination and got out of the car.  The scent was damp, bacteria dug up from the soil made it smell of earth.  We ran through the parking lot, grabbing the doors as the wind gusted them open.  We made it.

And then we shopped and shopped and shopped.  Until we were exhausted.  The end.

1 comment:

  1. What a great story! the best part was that it didn't end with being detained at the border!