January 10, 2012

Weekend Recap

Walking in the blue light, preceding dawn. 
Sourdough and fresh eggs.
Marmalade making.
New houseplants!
This really deserves a post of it's own! Find the recipe here.
Marmalade tasting for breakfast, results can be found here.
Jam delivery.
On the drive into Agassiz
Since I was all the way out there delivering jam to my grandparents, I went for a walk on the blue heron reserve.

I was in such a great mood after that walk and running my errands, that I took my dog on a walk in the weak January sun.
For dinner I made a red lentil curry from my Vij's book (I cooked from a cookbook!) and made some delicious garlic naan to go along side.  It might not look the best, but it tasted great with the kokum and asafoetida, actual indian flavours.

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  1. I love the photos. My favorite is the fallen tree, it looks like a piece of marble at first glance.