December 31, 2011

21 by 21

In June Shane and I both wrote lists while sitting on our beds at a Salzburg hostel.  The lists were written quickly, quietly and in secret.  They were to be our birthday lists.  Goals we set to be accomplished before our next birthdays.  Mine was twenty-one items long, and Shane's was twenty-seven.  While I didn't get it all done, some of the goals were a little lofty, it was an interesting experiment.  Mine was successful enough that I plan to write another one soon, 22 Things.  Here is how it looked:

21 Things by 21 Years

Eliminate chemicals from our cleaning products -still working on it! Have made great progress.
Run a 10km run - done, many times over.

Come up with a signature stuffing recipe - done, still needs to be posted
Develop 5 jam recipes - this was a great goal! I totally did it and had a blast finding confidence in canning.
Forage for mushrooms (and preserve them) - Shane went out four or five times this year, we were very successful. To preserve them we dehydrated them and stuck them in the freezer. We just finished the last of them with Christmas dinner.
Leave 21 comments on 21 blogs - This is what I needed to get more active in the blogging community. While I still have a long way to go this goal helped me get over my fear.
Drink a bottle of wine worth $42 - We drank this bottle on my birthday, unfortunately it was an 11 year old red wine I didn't really care for.
Blog 5x per week - I managed to do this for several weeks, and I blogged every day in Europe.
Try 5 cocktails - I had a lot of fun with this one as well. I'm not much of a cocktail drinker, but we liked playing around.
cook at least one recipe from every cookbook (and blog about it) - Don't know why this was a goal, I've got far to many books for this to be realistic.

Develop and frame 15 new pictures (give 5 away) - Didn't happen. I printed and gave away this many pictures, but didn't have the funds to get them all framed.
Watch a sunrise - I'm an early riser, sometimes you'll even find my running while the sun comes up.
Read at least 5 books - I've read a lot more than this since I got back, but it was good incentive to make my first trip to the library.
Create a compost pile - This I am very proud of, I'm hoping for some awesome hummus by next fall.
Visit at least two places in BC I haven't been - Since we got back I visited three places I'd never been, but only one was in BC: Prince George, Bellingham (WA) and Seattle (WA).

Plan one very romantic date with my husband - We got very busy and this "Very" romantic date didn't happen, lots of other fun ones did though.
Send all family a birthday note (cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, siblings and parents, good friends) - My family is extensive, this would be a hard and expensive challenge.
Send flowers to two special people - I did this. It was hard though, I wanted to keep them!
make one new friend - We made a few new friends this year, and we've loved having these people in our lives.
Do 5 good deeds without reward - This goal was hard to quantify, I can say yes, but I'm not really sure.
Visit natasha at least once - I drove Natasha to Prince George, that was my visit.
Hi Italy! I miss you!

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