December 30, 2011

December 27

Before I get all off track and out of touch, I do believe this dinner should be recorded as the best ham ever cooked.  (Being modest of course.)  For our third, and final Christmas dinner we had my dad, oma & opa, and sisters over for a ham dinner.  Dad gifted us the ham, unlabeled and frozen.  I made dinner:

Ham with a pineapple-mustard and brown sugar glaze.
Roasted potaotes and beets.
Braised red cabbage.
Homemade buns.
Green Beans.

and for dessert:
Carrot cake.

It was super simple to throw together (I only started cooking 3 hours before we ate, and that was to start warming the ham.)  and made for a very enjoyable evening.
This ham would have easily fed 15, instead it fed 7 and has 4 bags of leftovers! Yum!

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