December 5, 2011


Recently I've been baking a lot.  I chose to hand out a few Christmas cards by hand, and each day I've baked something to accompany a card.  My aunt and uncle were the recipients of this box, filled with molasses spice cookies (baked from a special edition cook's illustrated and some of the best spices cookies I've ever had)
 These eclairs went to good friends of ours, where I expect they were much appreciated. (Also from CI, also a great recipe)
 Peppermint and eggnog marshmallows are a must during hot chocolate, I mean Christmas.
 Yesterday I drove into Vancouver to spend the day with my best friend.  We explored the Christmas Market (verdict: wouldn't spend the money again) and picked up a few gifts as Christmas gifts.

 Fresh pretzel, decent.
 Overpriced hot apple cider, or mulled wine.  We didn't bother.
 We did indulge in some hand made German noodles with bacon and saurkraut, which was a delicious way to spend $10!
We spent the rest of the day shopping, I got a few more gifts and showed great restraint in the spending money department. We grocery shopped at Granville Island, had sushi at my new favourite sushi joint (a lovely place on Commercial Drive)
After dinner Erin and I drank peppermint tea and ate cranberry bliss bars (made by me) looking at pictures of her recent vacation.  A lovely visit indeed!

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