December 30, 2011

Resolutions 2012

Tis the resolution season once again.  But rather than meaningless unquantifiable goals (lose weight. pay off debt.) I tend to make seasonal goals and birthday goals.  I have yet to share these with you (I'm losing time like it's going out of style) but I assure you they are always there.  (Actually, winter's have yet to be set, as have my year for 22, but they are coming soon!)

I was talking with Shane not to long ago about setting resolutions for 2012 and he suggested one great one.  Eat meat no more than once per week.  Period.  This was a bold move coming from him, but one that I am extatic to embrace.  Less meat: better health, smaller carbon footprint, less guilt when eating out, easier on the pocketbook.  There are many awesome benifits to reducing meat consumtion.  I'm glad we're at the stage where we're nearly cutting it out, when other people are trying to convince their significant others just to consider one meal a week meat-free!  Seriously dudes!  Take your head out of where it's hiding and realize the ethics behind what you put in your mouth!  Quit ignoring!  Of course this decision means more vegetables, more oportunity to expierement with grains and flours, less time cooking, and a totally new way to think about nourising our bodies.

I have two big goals this year, both not to be attained fully this year, but for me to work hard on.  One: I want to be a better gardener, a more seasonal eater and thriftier person.  We have so much around us all the time.  Wealth in food.  I throw food out, which makes me feel horrible sometimes, (it should all the time) what a first world situation to be in: too much food!  How dare I?  I'm going to work hard on my garden this year, planting on time, weeding, learning and growing.  I've got compost to dig and seeds to plant.  I've got plans to draw and dirt to dig.  I can't wait!  We will be building a cold frame this spring, and turning more ground for vegetables.  I've got plans for bird feeders and catnip in the garden.  If I become a better gardener I'll become a better preserver.  If I preserve better it will hopefully get easier to eat both locally and seasonally, something I struggle with now.  It's a circle, how I see it, start at any point and I'll be led to the rest.  I better just jump on board.
The second goal is simple: not to buy brands that advertise.  Period.  I know it's hard, but advertising both bothers and aggitates me on a daily basis.  I'll buy brands that don't advertise where ever it's possible.  Enough said.  I'll speak with my money.

Of course there are the simple goals, unquantifiable and all.  Get outside more.  I've need to remind myself sometimes, I love being outside, but on a regular basis my butt just doesn't want to get out of it's nice warm comfy house.  Hike, bike, run, walk.  I keep saying if only I had a bike (with two baskets)...maybe it's wishful thinking, but I'd ride everywhere.  I got the bike bug in Europe, where people do ride everywhere, and my mother is a constant reminder that it can be done because she does it!  Hike and walk on my days off, it's so much fun! (Okay gas consumption is my worry there, it's legit.)
Bake no more than twice per week.  This was a resolution last year too, bake less.  I still have a hard time with it.  It seems everywhere I look I'm seeing things I want to make: magazines, blogs, cookbooks.  I see, I want and then I cave.  But if I do all of the above (garden, preserve, get outside) I have less time to spend sitting and wishing.  It really works, but it all comes down to self control. (don't all resolutions?)
Read fifty books this year.  I love to read, but reading often gets set aside for the computer.  I know I can do better than that.  I'd estimate I read 25 books last year (not including travel books, they number at least that many.) This year I'm going to count, I've got my ereader, I've got the library.  I'll be immersed in a whirlwind of characters and story lines this year!

There are my commitments for 2012.  What are yours?

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  1. Yay I have an honorable mention in your post! Maybe one basket and a cute backpack would work. I love the picture of the bikes! the cow tongue kinda freaked me out though. Happy reading:)