December 12, 2011

December 10-11

So how was your weekend?  Huh? You what?!  Darn, I know that feeling, I'm always working too.  It's rare that my days off fall on Saturday-Sunday.  I don't know why it matters, what is so special about those certain days anyway?  It's because everyone else is doing it, everyone with a normal, consistent schedule.  They talk about it on the radio, the countdown to the weekend. The news anchors and weatherman are always fixated on the weekend.  Everyone I meet asks me how my weekend is going.  It's going swell, I'm working again.

We were busy this weekend!  I baked until cookies came out of my ears.  I made two types of jam and dinner for friends.  We wrapped presents and did laundry.  Shopping was done and bathrooms were cleaned.  We ran, we walked, we slided over snow (and ate some too.)  All and all very productive and very enjoyable.

not my christmas craziness!
cranberry apple crumble pie
christmas cookie platter

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