December 23, 2011

Seattle Day 3

After a welcome late sleep-in we started Sunday with breakfast at Toulouse Petit Cafe.  This was a fantastically unique place to dine, a restaurant very unlike most we visit with it's funky ornate decor and badass Creole menu.  I would highly recommend Toulouse for any future trips to Seattle.  On that note I would highly recommend everywhere we went, and will be going back to each and every one if given the chance.  We asked the hostess where the best mall in Seattle was and she launched into a passionate piece about the Southcenter mall.  We loaded it into our gps and set off.

The rest of the morning was a blur of shopping, clothes and credit card transactions.  It was sweet.  A few hour later we emerged back into the daylight with a few bags each and drove straight for lunch, Serious Pie.  This was the best meal of the trip, hands down.  Everything we ate this weekend was good, but this meal was fantastic!  Tom Douglas knows his pizza.  We had a cured meat plate (meat cured in house) to start and the pizza special of the day.  We seriously considered ordering another pizza and forgoing dinner plans for another meal.  It was that good.

We continued our chocolate tour eating with a stop at the Confectional for raspberry white chocolate cheesecake (amazing!) and Bolivian sipping chocolate.  We made a stop at Fran's for more amazing chocolate and spent time cruising the sales in yet another mall.

By the time the dinner hour rolled around we were ready.  It was time for our last Tom Douglas experience, Brave Horse Tavern.  We rolled up our sleeves and dug into two large plates of fried chicken complete with mashed potatoes, gravy and collard greens.  It was delicious especially alongside a bubbling mug of root beer.  We listen to patrons playing on the shuffleboards in the center of the room and to conversations happening at our communal dining table.  We took our leave before dessert and headed a few minutes away to B&O Espresso, stopping in across the street at a used bookstore, our third of the day and the only place we bought books.

The chocolate mousse cake we had at B&O was just as delicious as our flamboyant waiter promised it would be.  It was well worth seeking out.  After we scraped our plates we turned in for the night, happy, tired and well fed.

Shane and I left for home the following morning.  We had breakfast at Macrina Bakery (yum, must come here again!) and stopped to fill our alcohol allowance before heading across the boarder.  Sidenote: Beer in the states is so cheap.  24 beers, $30!! and it was good independent beer too! (a good independent 12 pack is $30 in BC)
It was a great weekend away, even with all this Christmas craziness!  I feel so lucky my husband spoiled me with such a fun time in a wonderful city.  Thank you sweetheart!

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