December 1, 2011

And Christmas Begins

Tuesday was Christmas tree day!  It turned out to be a perfect afternoon at home with my husband and our baby (dog), the tree has never looked better.
Normally I do the setting up of the tree myself, and since I hate separating branches things could always turn out a little better.  With Shane there however, the tree was beautifully fluffed.  While he was primping the branches I was stringing the lights (which Shane hates to do.)  Together the tree looked awesome.
We drank a very decadent hot chocolate, sang Christmas carols as we hung our favourite ornaments and talked about our favourite Christmas traditions.  Crazy to think that one day we'll be having our own little gathering on Christmas morning with pattering feet and loud chatter, maybe even a few screams of excitement.  I count all these Christmases leading up to those ones as trials in establishing our own traditions, finding out what works for us.
The doors are adorned with garland, lights and carefully secured ornaments. The candles are lit and the silver shiny balls are sparkling in soft light.
Butter is exhausted from excitement, welcome to my Christmas world. 

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  1. Your tree is beautiful, and so is your dog! Lol he is so cute. I have to say I had urges to 'pants' shane up on the ladder. Too bad I wasn't there. "Pants on the ground, pants on the ground...." I sang that for you Shaney!