December 6, 2011

For the record:

I got mad at my dog for not looking happy enough in the pictures I was trying to take of him.  Then I felt really bad, so I gave him a treat.  Good parenting right there.

I think about food nonstop.  I don't think about much else really.  Well, when I'm doing dishes I often find myself thinking about whatever book I'm reading.

Yesterday that was One Thousand White Women.  I was nearly in tears, the ending was so harsh.  By the way it's an amazing book, I'd highly recommend it!

My sister is coming home in 7 days!  I bought her a toothbrush.
My grandpa brought me five boxes of compost, they are still sitting at my back door.  Please don't come over now.  Unless you want hot chocolate and Christmas tunes, in which case hurry up! 

Instead of running this morning I stayed in bed.  Fact.

I bleached half of the cushions on my white couch.  Now the other half look extra dirty.  On that note, don't ever buy a white couch, especially if you have a dog.  Or a husband.  No matter how nice it looks, or how cheap it is.

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