December 23, 2011

no time for quiet

We're in the midst of a full on bakesplosion.  My kitchen is awash in food stains, and the cupboards need badly to be straightened.  If your looking for a glass try the sink, oh a fork? your on your own!  Slowly but surely the kitchen spat out (what a lovely thought) all the goods I needed, and we baked until our feet were sore.  I'll try to gather my wits for a photo summery of what we made, but for now we're looking at what I did manage to capture the last few days.
hot chocolate on a stick.
Colouring while waiting for baking cookies.
Even the nutcracker is so appalled by the state of the carpet he can't look
The only non-sugar food I ate this day!

1 comment:

  1. Damn Nutcracker!He shouldn't be so judgmental. I mean really, is he here for the party or to see if you cleaned you house or not?! Feed him to butter!