December 31, 2011

Fall/Winter Goals

My fall goals were set on September 21.  I gave myself the fall season, until December 21 to accomplish them.

1. Watch 3 movies - did! I really enjoyed cozying up on the couch watching movies with my family.
2. Work on pillowcases - I have two pillowcases that I started embroidering over a year ago.  Didn't even touch them.
3. Warm bedroom - Our bedroom is the coolest (and by that I mean least personal/decorated) room in the house.  I added some plants, hung a few pictures, hung new curtains and found another dresser that looks great.  I'm still on the hunt for a great rug, but I'll wait until I find the right one. Done.
4. Make baked and fried doughnuts - I made pumpkin spice doughnuts, and totally forgot about a baked doughnut.
5. Bake 10 different breads - did!  It was fun to make and eat all these breads, I totally learned more about bread baking and picked up a few keeper recipes.
6. Cook 3 recipes from Vij's  cookbook - I was having a hard time cooking from this book, the most recent I bought.  I made a half dozen Indian recipes for a feast we ate with my sisters.  Done!
7. Host family for photos - our family has been asking to see pictures of Europe since we got back.  I've organized and sorted most of them, but it would take hours to even view only the best ones.  We've been to daunted to have everyone over.  Fail.
8. Make 3 crafts for fall - I don't think I actually crafted three times.  I wrapped presents beautifully for Christmas, and that was a series of crafts in itself.  I'd say I didn't do this one.
9. Write 10 letters - Once I started I couldn't stop!  I must have sent and mailed nearly 20 letters since September.  What a wonderful hobby!

Winter 2012 Goals:
Add three more indoor plants to the house
Thoroughly plan garden, buy seeds
Finish three puzzles
Read twelve books
Cook one recipe from twelve cookbooks
Blog fifteen recipes
Host a family game night
Make candles and laundry soap
Hike three times
Paint with Shane our spring paintings

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